The Mandate

We are mandated by God to spread the knowledge of his love all over the earth both by precept and by example

The Big Dream

To have a CovenantLight Church – that is actively spreading the knowledge of God’s love by precept and by example – within five minutes drive of everyone in every developed nation and within five minutes walk of everyone in every developing nation


The mission of God on earth is to…

REACH the unsaved

RECEIVE them into the church community

RAISE them to maturity

RELEASE them to go reach others

Our Values 4R

REFRESH – Keep the God connection strong. Keep hearing the word and praying in the spirit, ‘be being’ filled with the spirit.

RESTORE – Keep exercising faith for all sufficiency in all things so we can abound towards the mission (2Cor 9:8)

RESOURCE – Keep giving our time, finances, spiritual gifts, natural possessions, etc for the mission.

RELATE – Keep opening up our lives intentionally to new opportunities to connect with people so we can advance the mission of God.

– Relate with the UNSAVED intentionally so we can REACH them

– Relate with the NEW CONTACTS AND CONVERTS in church, so we can RECEIVE them into our church community

– Relate with MEMBERS of our church community so we can RAISE and RELEASE them to be on mission for God as well.

– Relate with Church Planting Interns to RELEASE them to go start NEW CHURCHES