Begin to build your spiritual life.

If you have ever desired to fast track your spiritual growth and development by being intentional and consistent in spiritual exercises, FAST TRACK SPIRITUAL GROWTH (FTSG) is for you.

FTSG, is a four module spiritual development program with Pastor Nuel Manufor. You simply plug in and begin to intentionally build your spiritual life.

Jesus said in Matthew 13:52, “Then you see how every student well-trained in God’s kingdom is like the owner of a general store who can put his hands on anything you need, old or new, exactly when you need it.”

Here is how we plan to fast track your spiritual growth!

Spiritual Transformation Module

Jesus said to “teach them to observe the things I have commanded you”. The Bible tells us that these are his commandments “That we BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus and LOVE one another”. Faith and Love are the cardinal emphasis of the message of Jesus and of any meaningful spiritual transformation.



Missional Engagement Module

In addition to the command to love one another and believe, Jesus commands us to “GO into all the world and MAKE DISCIPLES of all Nations, BAPTIZING THEM …TEACHING THEM to observe the things I have commanded you”. This command is for every disciple of Jesus. You have not become a disciple till you embrace this command.



Prayer Consistency Module

In the course of training his own disciples, Jesus asked them a question that begs an answer from every disciple of Jesus till date – “Can you not wait with me an hour?” This call to prayer remains cardinal in the spiritual growth of any person. 


Bible Proficiency Module

Jesus said “If you continue in my word, then are you my disciples”. Real discipleship is not complete without the knowledge of the Bible. Interestingly, most people after years as believers, still feel like they are looking at the word of God from outside in rather than living in it.

In this module we will take you through the New Testament, chapter by chapter while referencing the Old Testament in one year. You will get over 30 years of Pastor Nuel’s study of God’s word in one year!

Testimonials from FTSG


Thanks Pst. Nuel for sharing. All I can say is, my thinking is deconstructed, God bless you. I need to keep listening to these over and over again. I am still playing catch-up.


Thank you for a deeply transformative training. It has been a time of unlearning some thoughts and beliefs and learning them in proper context. Kingdom principles that were blurry in the past are now clear. Thank you so much for that power-packed month.

    Training Methodology

    All these modules are communicated through four channels every week:

    1. The Covenantlight – A Daily morning devotion with Nuel Manufor where you get to pray and study the word together.

    2. Transform – A Midweek Discipleship training audio teaching once a week online.

    3. Sunday Service – This has two options – online and on-site where a covenantlight church exists.

    4. The LightHouse – A small group of people engaged together in the mission of Jesus to bring men to salvation and the knowledge of the truth.

    The Discipleship Commitment

    I hereby commit to be a worthy disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ under Covenantlight Church by Attending and Participating in all meetings designed for my discipleship and carrying out all assignments I am given to the best of my ability with God’s help.

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