Missional Love Communities

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care department is responsible for fostering community among members and guests of covenantlight church. We focus on making every single guest and regular visitors to covenantlight church feel welcome, agree with them in prayer concerning any issues they may be facing in life and maintain a meaningful relationship with them until it is clear they are established either in covenantlight church or any other place of worship they believe God has led them to

Our pastoral care is also the convener of our fellowship groups and is comprised of the following units:

  • Singles fellowship
  • Couples fellowship
  • The children’s church

Special Ministries

This department is the extended arm of Covenantlight church to the outside world. Through the special ministries department, we impact our communities through prayers, one on one evangelism and engage in community projects that directly improves the quality of life of those who live around us.

The special ministries department consists of the following:

  • The prayer unit
  • Prayer house unit
  • Community impact unit

Guest Experience

This department is responsible for delivering a warm and friendly service experience to all our guests and members of covenantlight church. Right from the setup of the venue to the end of the service, we ensure that the atmosphere stays warm and free for the Spirit of God to move and touch His people in defining ways. This department consists of the following units:

  • Sound and setup
  • Music group
  • Hosts and hostesses