We thrive on fellowship and we are driven by a mandate to bring about a revolution in our generation.
It's church unusual!.

Who we are

The Revolution is the young adult church of Covenantlight church. Our services in the revolution is designed to accommodate the younger generation by speaking their language through music, fun and the word.

Talk about an environment where you are free to be yourself yet on fire for God. We are not stoic in our ways as we come up with new ways to impact our world and create a revolution in the world through the ministry of the word and the spirit.

Our Belief

We believe that an intentional investment in today’s youth is very essential in growing the body of Christ. The more youths we have actively maintaining a steady relationship with God and living a life of significance, the more we can anticipate positive changes in the nation and world at large.

At the revolution, we are one big happy family of youthful thinkers, strategists, developers, and creative individuals. We thrive on fellowship and we are driven by a mandate to bring about a change in our generation where young men and women are shining as Light and spreading the influence of God’s kingdom in every place.

The revolution is sure a place to be.

Revolution campuses

Lasucom campus – 07069319387

Yabatech campus – 07036908171

Unilag campus – 07067356544

RevolutionNext – 08085524749

Stay Connected with The Revolution.

IG – @the_revolution_clc @revolutionnext2020